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State of Survival Mod Apk v1.21.40 (Unlimited Money) For Android 2024

State of Survival
App Name State of Survival
Latest Version v1.21.40
Last Updated 17 May 2024
Publisher Gotmodapk.com
Requires Android 4.4
Category Strategy
Size 246 MB
MOD Feature Unlimited Money
4.7/5 Rating (3971)

Did you want to play zombies wars in your games? If yes, then you have to download the State of Survival Mod APK because it offers unlimitded and amusing key features that fulfill the desires and requirements of users. This amusing and interesting game is based on adventure and thrill because you have to face and fight with zombies and rivals in the area. To stay long in the game, you have to kill all the zombies in your way by utilizing the multiple weapons offered by the game. Moreover, this interesting app is based on 3D and stunning graphics that give you a realistic sense of the dynamics of day and night with amusing weather changes. In this article, we will discuss the game, its amusing and fantastic key features, it’s downloading process, and a lot more.

This is the modified and updated version of the original game, the State of Survival app. KingGroup Holding is the developer and publisher of the game, which offers amusement and additional key features that are not present in the official game. The gameplay of the game is based on adventure and thrills that amuse you a lot because you have to survive more and more in the game by caring your shelters. You have to avoid zombies and rivals by killing them with weapons like guns, etc.Moreover, you have to explore more places, cities, etc. to find out more and more places to save and secure shelters and find more treasures. In this way, you can enjoy rewards and coins that help you build your interest in the game.


Resource Scarcity

The modified version of the game is based on the sources of commodities, requiring players to scavenge, hunt, and craft in order to increase your sustainability. In this game, everyone’s decisions carry a lot of weight because their mismanagement can spell doom in a world where survival is paramount.

Base Building

Another amusing key feature of the State of Survival is that the bases of the buildings serve as a cornerstone of survival in this mod. It is the duty of the players to strategically design and defend their shelters against the attacks of zombies and rival survivals in order to stay long in this amusing game.

Dynamic World

The world of the State of Survival Mod APK is based on dynamic, ever-evolving landscapes that are shaped by the player’s actions and environmental factors. The players learn and experience a lot from every new and emerging threat and the shifting dynamics of the player alliance.

Discoveries and Explorations

This adventurous and interesting game allows you to make amusing discoveries and explore more and more things. To explore more and more elements in the game, you have to go to unknown cities, forests, treacherous wilderness areas, etc. in search of other sources, hidden treasures, and clues about the world’s lore. But be careful, you have to encounter every difficulty with full attention.

Interesting Customization Options

The State of Survival APK offers amusing and interesting options for customization and personalization. It allows you change the color of your app, choose your favorite themes, change the icons, etc without any worry.

NPC Factions and Quests

The State of Survival Mod APK is populated with NPC factions of multiple kinds, each with its own goals, agendas, and motivations. You can interact with these factions through diplomacy, confilct, forging riverlaries, etc. It will provide you with additional rewards and opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Fight With Zombies

Being forced to confront and engage in combat with zombies is the game’s most daring and exciting feature. You must attack the zombies in groups and use weapons to take them out if you want to avoid them. You can also combine the manager of the city against the zombies and kill them with multiple techniques.

Stunning 3D Graphics

One of the most amusing features of the game is that it is based on stunning 3D graphics, which amuses people a lot. All the things in the game look real, which attracts people, That’s why people around the world like to play this interesting game.

Day and Night Cycle

The most engaging thing about the State of Survival Mod APK is amusing dynamics of day and night and also change in weather, which adds another layer of challenge to the gameplay. So, you should adapt the strategies to the changing conditions, utilize the cover of darkness, etc.

Security System

The latest and updated version of the game is based on a high security and safety system that creates a shield of protection around the data and information of the user from hackers. So, it gives you a reliable and secure platform for playing your favorite game with ease.

The State of Survival Mod APK can be downloaded in what way?

  1. You will need a reliable and quick internet connection in order to download this fantastic game to your device.
  2. Now, open the official or your favorite website and locate the game.
  3. After locating game, look for the download button and click on that button.
  4. Go into your device’s settings and enable unknown sources at this point.
  5. Return later, find the install button, select it, and then give the installation a few minutes to finish.
  6. Finally, the game is ready. Launch it to begin enjoying this entertaining game on your device without any problems.


What makes players prefer the adapted version of State of Survival over the original game?

Ans. Because it offers amusing and extra key features that fulfill the desires of users.

Ans. The State of Survival APK has been updated, and using it is indeed permitted.


With significant improvements that make the gameplay more exciting and compelling, the State of Survival Mod APK, an updated and modified version of the official State of Survival app, enhances the entire experience of playing. The visuals for the game are built around three-dimensional components that seem genuine. So, download this amusing and interesting game on your device by following the above method and have a great time.

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