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FaceApp Mod APK Download v11.8.2 (Pro Unlocked) For Android

FaceApp Mod APK
App Name FaceApp Mod APK
Latest Version v11.8.2
Last Updated 17 May 2024
Publisher APK Mod
Requires Android 4.4
Category Photography
Size 65 MB
MOD Feature Pro Unlocked
0.1/5 Rating (2)

What Is FaceApp APK?

The most effective program for editing face photos with gorgeous effects and lots of high-quality stickers is FaceApp Mod APK. The program FaceApp APK has the ability to start a completely new version of the user. People may alter various facial traits using this program. People’s expressions can alter. With the use of this program, they are able to control every face emotion. The usage of these symbols is readily understood by the public. In addition, they have the ability to alter the backdrop and apply filters to their images. The official FaceApp application has been changed to become FaceApp mod apk.

FaceApp Mod APK

The application FaceApp Mod APK premium the latest version allows users to alter their face features. These are only a handful of the premium features available in this application. They can utilize this application’s in-app purchase icon if they would want to access these features. The premium edition will be available to users.People in this faceApp Mod APK are make drastic changes to their hair or personalities.

What Is FaceApp Mod APK?

With just one tap, you can transform your photos into gorgeous portraits with this entertaining app’s variety of incredible filters, backdrops, effects, and correction options. Millions of users download this app each month due to its immense popularity. It had such an enormous effect last year that its previous transformation function went incredibly popular and took the internet by storm. Users from all over the world tried it, and many celebrities shared their previous version on social media.  Aditionally, you may view how someone of the opposing gender might appear. Faceapp Mod APK is so simple to use that it won’t cause you any trouble at all if you’re a new user. You will undoubtedly have a funny experience with it.

Features of FaceApp Mod APK

Unlocked Premium Features

This latest Faceapp Mod Apk version has all of its features unlocked. All of the premium features are available to users without charge. These premium features make editing photos enjoyable and accessible. All features are free only in this modified version.

Limitless Filters

The main reason to install this program is to use the filters. This program has beautiful and significant filters. New filters are available for users to utilize to enhance their photos.

No Watermark

Users of this program may press photos and share them with their friends without a watermark. When they publish photographs with Faceapp mod apk , they should be cautious if they have ever used the Faceapp  Mod Apk. The most recent update removes the watermark from the photos.

FaceApp Mod APK

Age Changer

This software is well-known for its incredible features. Everyone appears younger. By editing photos that are posted on social media, a lot people can change their age.

Customize Your Expressions

When someone has a photograph of themselves, everything about it is ideal except for their looks. Using this program, they may alter their facial expressions as well. All of the phrases are customizable to their preferences.

Change Background

This Faceapp mod apk offers a wide variety of backdrops. Users can use this altered version of Faceapp to alter the image’s backdrop. They are free to use whichever background they choose.

Numerous Special Filters

FaceApp Mod APK offers you an abundance of exclusive features and filters. The Smile function adds a lovely smile to an otherwise harsh face, making serious images humorous. Moreover, you may flip a pair of people’s faces, from male to woman and vice versa. You may post a picture like that on social media or save it to your collection. Send amusing photos to your family and friends to help you remember good times.Other capabilities of the program include the ability to create smiles, add tattoos, alter backgrounds, apply makeup, style, and much more.

Free to Use

You may use and download this amazing feature-rich program for free without having to spend a single cent. This program never asks for an unexpected payment and can be used without internet connectivity because all of its extra features are free.

Safe and Secure

Faceapp MOD APK is a perfectly safe and secure process. It doesn’t request any unauthorized access to your device or permissions. It won’t ever damage or interfere with your tablet or smartphone. Therefore, feel free to download it without any worries and use it with any antivirus us program to your delight.

Completely Upgraded

Faceapp Mod APK is a perfectly optimized application that works on all low-end devices since its creators made it so easy to use and fluid. There won’t be any lagging issues. Results from conventional editing programs sometimes take a little while to appear, but with Faceapp, they do so instantly. Use it on any of your gadgets with ease since it responds really quickly. It does not become trapped on equipment as other heavy objects do. Because of this feature, a lot of people are downloading and enjoying this program.

Latest Features Of FaceApp Mod APK

  • Effects and filters for faces
  • Makeup and hair style filters
  • Change expression
  • Unlimited filters
  • Premium features
  • Age changer
  • Tattoo filters
  • Magical filters

How to install the Faceapp Mod APK ?

  • Use our website’s to install the Faceapp Mod Apk.
  • Click “Install” to begin.
  • After that, a file starts to download and installs quickly.
  • Once the file has finished downloading, choose the downloaded program file.
  • Enjoy this Faceapp Mod APK program once it has finished downloading.


Q1: the Faceapp mod apk free of ads?

Indeed, there are no advertisements in this Faceapp program.

Q2: Does Faceapp Mod APK store personal Information?

No,  this latest app is not saved your personal data .


One of the most well-known programs for users is FaceApp Mod Apk. They are not charged any money to access any of the application’s premium features. They’re given access to several filters. They have access to several pro features for picture editing. There is no watermark on this version of Faceapp mod apk . This program is available for download on our website.

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